Ripon City Plan Submission Draft

Ripon City Plan was submitted to Harrogate Borough Council on 29 March 2018. Government Regulations require that specific documents are submitted. These are: the Plan itself, a statement on Consultation, a statement on how the Plan meets certain Basic Conditions and a map showing the area of the Plan. In addition, the evidence base which informed preparation of the Plan is also submitted.

The Consultation Statement and appendices on representations received from the Draft Plan in 2016 and how preparation of the Plan has addressed these representations has been available to view on this website. These documents are now linked into this area of the website.

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The Ripon City Plan Submission Draft is published for consultation (Regulation 16) by Harrogate Borough Council on 1 June, this period running for 6 weeks until 13 July. All responses to the Plan should be submitted via the Harrogate Borough Council Planning Policy Consultation Portal


Ripon City Plan Submission Draft

Ripon City Plan Submission Draft  Click to see an overview of the document. This can be clicked through, zoomed into, or downloaded in PDF format


Documents submitted as required by Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Ripon City Plan: Consultation Statement

Ripon City Plan: Basic Conditions Statement

Ripon City Plan: Map of designated area

Ripon City Plan: District Map with designated area


Evidence base

Supporting Document A: Sustainable Ripon

Supporting Document B: Growth and Regenerating Key Parts of the City

Supporting Document C: Strengthening the City Centre

Supporting Document D: Supporting the Ripon Economy

Supporting Document E: Providing New Homes

Supporting Document F: Enjoying Open Space and Providing Community Facilities

Supporting Document G: Connecting Ripon

Supporting Document H: Protecting the Environment and Heritage

Supporting Document J: Planning Agreements

Supporting Document: Schedule of Complementary Projects


Consultation Statement and Responses

Responses to the Draft Ripon City Plan in 2016 the City Plan team’s comments can be found in the documents below.

Ripon City Plan Submission Draft Consultation Statement

Ripon City Plan Draft Submission – Draft Plan Consultation – Full Responses to Regulation 14 collated by respondents plus analysis

Ripon City Plan Draft Submission – Draft Plan Consultation – Full Responses to Regulation 14 collated by Policy


Evidence Summary and Links

Summary of References with Links

Evidence Summary by Policies