What is the Ripon City Plan?

The Ripon City Plan will be a detailed strategy for the future of the parish of Ripon. The concept was developed by Ripon City Council with the joint goal of delivering on the government’s Localism Act of 2011 and identifying priorities for the City Development Manager.

The Localism Act favours the introduction of Neighbourhood Plans. These relate to the use of land or aspects of how a place works in a very local sense. Once adopted the Neighbourhood Plan is used to consider all planning applications in that area. 

The second strand of the Ripon City Plan is the Management Plan, which will address the issues highlighted as being important for the improvement of the city, but which fall outside the remit of development.

What other powers does the Localism Bill introduce?

 Other Neighbourhood Planning powers enable local communities to allow planning permission for specified developments or types of development that they we want to see. Whether we look to establish a Neighbourhood Development Order for Ripon will depend upon the issues raised in the consultation, but it could be an option for realising the Neighbourhood Plan.

Who is leading the development of the Neighbourhood Plan in Ripon?

Legislation requires that Ripon City Council lead the development of a Neighbourhood Plan (ours is termed the Ripon City Plan), but they are supported by a number of Ripon organisations including the Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership, Ripon Cathedral, the Chamber of Trade and the Civic Society. The proposals for a City Plan for the city have gained the support of Harrogate Borough Council and the approval of the Government.

What area will the Ripon City Plan cover?

The area to be covered by the Ripon City Plan is the existing Parish boundary. This area was designated following public consultation last year.

What can the Ripon City Plan do?

The Ripon City Plan will be able to set out policies against which planning applications and appeals are assessed. Please note that it will not be possible to go against national planning policies, neither can it block Harrogate Borough Council’s strategic policies for their Local Plan. The City Plan can shape where development will go and what it will look like; thus providing a more detailed planning framework for the City.

The plan may also influence the policies of the Local Planning Authority.  Harrogate Borough Council are due to consult on their draft Sites and Policies Development Plan, and we will work with their planners to avoid any confusion over the consultations, and also to ensure that comments made in the Ripon City Plan consultation are considered.

What else can the Ripon City Plan set out?

Consultation is very likely to reveal issues outside of planning. Comments such as these will be noted, and the relevant authorities lobbied. In addition they will act as guidance for the City Development Manager.

Have Neighbourhood Plans been implemented elsewhere?

 In March 2013, Upper Eden in Cumbria became the first area in the Country to have an agreed Neighbourhood Plan which will now start to influence planning decisions in the area. Many other areas are developing plans that their communities want to see implemented.


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