Submission Draft Plan – Supporting Information

A copy of the Draft Ripon City Plan Summary has been distributed to addresses within the Ripon City Plan area and an on-line version of this document is available.

Draft Ripon City Plan Summary – September 2016

Please note the consultation period has been extended until Friday 23rd December rather than the original date shown on this document.

In addition to the Draft Ripon City Plan Summary, we have produced a draft of the version of the Ripon City Plan which we propose to submit to Harrogate Borough Council as the local planning authority.

Draft Ripon City Plan: Proposed Submission Draft Plan

Underpinning the Draft Ripon City Plan is a strong evidence base and justification for the proposed policies.

Supporting Document: Evidence Summary

More detailed documents for each of the sections of the plan are available:

Supporting Document: Sustainable Ripon

Supporting Document: Growth and Regenerating the City

Supporting Document: Supporting the Ripon Economy

Supporting Document: Providing New Homes

Supporting Document: Enjoying Open Space and Providing Community Facilities

Supporting Document: Protecting the Environment and Heritage

Supporting Document: Connecting Ripon

Supporting Document: Planning Obligations

Supporting Document: Complementary Projects

In addition there are a number of other supplementary documents which have been produced and will be formally submitted to support the Draft Ripon City Plan these include:

Supporting Document: Sustainability Appraisal

Supporting Document: Consultation Statement

Supporting Document: Basic Conditions Statement

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