Submission Draft Plan

The draft Ripon City Plan has been published for consultation. This began on Monday 19th September and was originally planned to close on Sunday 30th October. However, this has now been extended and will close on Friday 23rd December 2016. This is the same deadline as the consultation on the Harrogate District Local Plan.

A copy of the Draft Ripon City Plan Summary has been distributed to addresses within the Ripon City Plan area and an on-line version of this document can be found here.

If you wish to register your support for the proposals and be kept informed please click here. Alternatively, if you wish to make comments about the contents of this document please click here to complete our on-line response form.

A more detailed version of the Draft Ripon City Plan and the supporting documentation is also available. To access this additional information please click here.

If you wish to receive further information or discuss this in more detail please contact us


2 thoughts on “Submission Draft Plan

  1. Policy G1
    Traffic management is a priority, especially where air quality is currently very poor. How will encouraging more cars into the city centre improve air quality?
    How will traffic be managed to avoid raising damaging emissions and lowering them to safer levels?
    If the aim is to improve visitor experience and raise quality of life for residents, traffic free streets and areas are essential.
    This more than anything could make Ripon a lovely place to visit and stay in. It will require imagination, resolution, and determination to overcome these problems as other places are already discovering, and would provide huge benefits.

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