Starting Out – Defining the Neighbourhood Area

The first stage in developing the Ripon City Plan was to define the area which the plan was to cover. The proposal from the City Plan Working Group was for this to be the Parish boundary. This proposal was submitted to Harrogate Borough Council, as the local planning authority.

Ripon Supporting Statement

Ripon Proposed Area Map


Between 28 September and 9 November 2012 the Harrogate Borough Council carried out a consultation on establishing the proposed Neighbourhood Area for Ripon. The consultation related solely to the designation of a Neighbourhood Area and no other aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Ripon Consultation Leaflet


On the 12 December 2012 the Harrogate Borough Council formally designated the Ripon Neighbourhood Area. Following consultation on the Neighbourhood Area application made by Ripon City Council, Harrogate Borough Council was satisfied the ‘Area’ proposed by Ripon City Council (the parish boundary) was appropriate for designation.

Ripon Neighbourhood Area – Cabinet Member Report

Ripon Decision Notice

Ripon Designated Area Map

This designation allowed the City Plan Working Group to begin the formal phases of development of the Neighbourhood Plan with the establishment of the Ripon City Plan Team to lead on the process of producing the strategy and a Committee to oversee the process.

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