Plan Phases

The development of the Ripon City Plan has been broken down into a number of phases. Some of these phases are statutory, as outlined in the Neighbourhood Planning legislation, whilst other phases have been identified from good practice guidance and advice and we have felt are appropriate for the development of the Ripon City Plan.

Outlined below is a broad overview of each of the phases and how we expect the development of the Ripon City Plan to progress. Further details about each of the phases can be found by clicking on each section.

Starting Out – Defining the Neighbourhood Area: Proposing the geographic area that the Ripon City Plan will cover, consulting upon it and having it designated as a Neighbourhood Area, all in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning legislation.

This phase was completed in December 2012 when the Parish of Ripon was designated as a Neighbourhood Area.


Phase One – Initial Consultation and Collecting Information: Consulting with those people that live, work, shop, visit and do business in Ripon and organisations that have an interest in the City to identify issues and opportunities. Also, collecting data and information to inform the development of the Ripon City Plan using a sound evidence base.

The consultation element of this phase was ended in June 2012, with analysis of the consultation responses taking place during July and August.


Phase Two – Developing and Consulting on the Preliminary Draft Ripon City Plan: Turning the consultation responses and data into a preliminary draft Ripon City Plan, which set out ideas, aspirations and priorities. Establishing the vision and objectives for what we want to achieve by 2030, identifying the strategic backdrop, understanding issues and constraints on the city’s future development, and outlining proposals for what can be delivered.

The preliminary draft Ripon City Plan was published in September 2014 and consultation ended in November 2014.


Phase Three – Producing and Consulting on the Draft Ripon City Plan: Using the feedback from the preliminary draft to revise the ideas and proposals. Completing the collation and analysis of the evidence base. Producing the detailed planning policies that will enable the vision and objectives to be delivered and the outcomes associated with making Ripon a better place to be achieved.

The draft Ripon City Plan was published on Monday 19th September 2016 and consultation ends on 23rd December 2016.



Phase Four – Reviewing and finalising the Ripon City Plan: Analysis of the feedback from the Draft Ripon City Plan consultation. Consideration of any proposed revisions and finalisation of the draft Ripon City Plan.

This is currently expected to take place between November 2016 and January 2017.


Phase Five – Submission, Further Consultation and Examination: Agreement to formally submit the Ripon City Plan to Harrogate Borough Council as the local planning authority. Further six-week consultation followed by independent examination to consider any representations and check that the plan conforms to national and local planning policy.

This is currently expected to take place between February 2017 and Summer 2017.


Phase Six- Community Referendum: Community referendum amongst voters within the Neighbourhood Area to ascertain support for the Ripon City Plan.

This is currently expected to take place during late 2017.


Phase Seven – Implementation: Formal implementation of the policies and proposals.

Subject to the majority of residents voting in favour at the Community Referendum, this is currently expected to take place during late 2017.



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