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Our draft policy for the regeneration of the Barracks as referenced in this article can be found here: Draft Policy No.44 – Creating a New Clotherholme Urban Village

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April 2015 – The Ripon City Plan – A Progress Report

March 2015 – The Ripon City Plan – What it is All About

In advance of having a regular column, the City Development Manager wrote two columns about the City Plan in March 2014:

10th March 2014 – The Ripon_City_Plan – In_My_View (Part 2)

3rd March 2014 – The Ripon_City_Plan – In_My_View (Part 1)













5 thoughts on “City Plan Blog

  1. I am seriously concerned that access to the fields between Kirkby Road and Clotherholme Road have been denied to local residents. Whilst I acknowledge that no public right of way has existed and that the mown fields are playing fields for Ripon Grammar School, there have always been acres of rough ground.that have been used by dog walkers (myself included) children playing,den building and kite flying, golfers practising,adults brambling in autumn. I have been a resident on Westmount Close for the past 30 years and during this time have regarded this area as one of Ripon’s “green lungs.” I have identified brimstone, orange tip, meadow brown, ringlet and red admiral butterflies here and the fields provide food plants for them. Kestrels and other birds use the fields. Indeed there is already a pond at the back of Trinity Junior School and a ‘nature reserve’ was recently planted with trees, quickthorn hedges and insect habitats in a fenced-off area beside the grammar school playing field. In summary, I do not believe this site should see futher development, especially the uncultivated acreage. Rather it should be lightly managed (like Quarry Moor) with public access to make Ripon “a more attractive place to live” and satisfying the requirement for “leisure and recreation facilities.” At a time when we are being urged to allow our children more time to play actively ouf of doors, these rough fields should not be denied to them. Fencing them off for horse grazing, or any other reason, is regrettable..
    Roger Kendall,

    The moderator has edited this post to remove the address and telephone number

    1. Roger,
      thank you for your comment.

      The City Plan is a strategic plan looking at the long-term direction and future for the City and therefore it is not an appropriate place for addressing management issues.

      It is my understanding that the land which you refer to is owned by NYCC, who have issued a lease for its use. Whilst it may have been used previously as public green space, it is my understanding that, as you indicate, there is no public right of way. In the immediate future, concerns in relation to this matter and the use of the land need to be addressed to NYCC as the landowner, as the emerging draft City Plan, can at this time have little influence over a commercial decision between a public body and a local business.

      However, what the City Plan can (and is) looking at is the overall provision of green space within the City, and considering what policies can be put in place to ensure that there is sufficient amenity land for public use and may go as far as considering appropriate locations as to where additional land could be provided or existing land protected.

      That said there is a long way to go before any proposals in the City Plan have any formal status. The draft emerging City Plan will be subject to consultation from the end of May / June with formal submission to HBC expected in late Summer. This submission triggers a set of statutory processes, which will ultimately see the plan considered at the public referendum, currently expected in early spring 2015.

  2. Where is the suggestion to piggy back off the TOUR DE YORKSHIRE? We cannot have a train station in the city so let us have a ‘cycle station’ and be the first cycle city of England. With the closure of the barracks I see this as a perfect opportunity, with a little investment, to turn it into a ‘cycle zone’ including a cycle track(possible a veladrome), an education building, an area for learning about the sport and staying healthy, an area of excellence in the sport where talks could be held, but most importantly it would be an information zone holding all the information regarding all the best cycle routes to the area, of which there are many….You could have colour coding….green, blue, black…green being a 10 mile route, blue being a 10-30 mile route and black being above that.
    For me what has been proposed thus far is all a bit loose,the time scales are to long and should be shortened, in my view the people want specifics.

    1. John, prior to the weekend thoughts had started to turn to the legacy but following the hugely success that TDF was, this is even more in our thoughts now. Indeed I think the group that came together to lead the Ripon effort is planning to continue to look at the future opportunities and the TDF legacy and with the TDF route expected to attract cyclists in the future and also the Way of the Roses coast-to-coast route passing right through the heart of the city we do have much to build upon.
      The City Plan is at a stage now, following months of work by our group of volunteers, where we are expecting to begin consultation on the preliminary draft City Plan at the end of the month / beginning of August, this will enable us to be more specific about proposals and projects. It is a complex piece of work and it does have a long-term timeframe but within that some projects and elements may be deliverable quicker than others but it is important that we have a long-term strategy for the City.

      1. Thank you for your reply,

        Ripon is at the heart of North Yorkshire, the perfect setting for cyclists as shown over the TDF weekend, we also saw the scope for growth of this sport/activity in England, the potential is enormous as it is still only in its infancy.

        I would like to see my suggestion be discussed in a more formal setting, that would be great to see, I hope its not too late as I believe this idea to be a ‘goer’.

        Many thanks for your time.


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