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Here you can find up-to-date information about current and past progress on preparation of a neighbourhood plan for the City of Ripon.

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What is this plan?

In 2012, five organisations came together to support preparation of a neighbourhood plan for Ripon: Ripon City Council, the Chamber of Trade, the Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership, the Cathedral Chapter and Ripon Civic Society.

Ripon City Council, our parish council, is called the “qualifying body” for preparing the Plan. Harrogate Borough Council is the Local Planning Authority for the area. Our neighbourhood plan is called the Ripon City Plan. The steps that need to be taken in preparing a neighbourhood plan are set out in Government regulations.

The Ripon City Plan is a vision and strategy for development of the parish up to 2030. It provides planning policies to be used by Harrogate Borough Council in making decisions on planning applications.

The Plan must follow the National Planning Policy Framework and be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Harrogate District Local Plan. A new Local Plan is in preparation by HBC for the district.

A unique feature of neighbourhood plans is that they come into force following a positive vote at a referendum of local voters.

On three separate occasions public consultation has given an opportunity for local people to have a greater say about the future of their city, shaping where new development will go and what it will look like. It also includes a list of complementary projects that have arisen from these consultations to make Ripon better place.

The Plan was submitted to Harrogate Borough Council in March 2018.

How far has the Plan now reached?

The Plan was sent for independent examination in summer 2018. The Examiner found that the Plan met the basic conditions for a neighbourhood plan and with modifications was fit to be put to public referendum.

Harrogate Borough Council, with Ripon City Council’s confirmation, has agreed to make the Examiner’s recommended modifications and hold the required referendum.


The final Plan is now ready for the referendum. Please click below to open the document (pdf).

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The referendum is to be held for the voting residents of Ripon. More than 50% of those voting must vote in favour of the Ripon City Plan for it to be made part of the district’s development plan by Harrogate Borough Council.  Ripon City Plan’s policies will carry the same weight as all other policies in the Local Plan.

HBC will arrange for holding the referendum. The planned date is 14th February 2019.


The development of the Ripon City Plan was divided into a number of phases and you can find out more about these here.

You can also find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) in relation to Neighbourhood Planning and the Ripon City Plan here.

All of the documents which we have published during the various phases of developing the Ripon City Plan before the Submission Draft Plan can be found here.

From time to time the City Plan Team has written a short column published in the Ripon Gazette. Copies of these articles can be found here.

Further information

If you require any further information about the Ripon City Plan please contact Ripon City Council at Ripon Town Hall on 01765609479 or email clerk@riponcity .gov.uk