Welcome to the Ripon City Plan website. We have set this up to provide residents of the city and neighbouring areas with up-to-date information about the plan’s continued development, and to encourage you to get involved and tell us what you think at all stages of the process.

The Ripon City Plan will provide a detailed vision and strategy for the future of the parish of Ripon. It is an opportunity for local people to have a greater say about the future of the city, and to have these opinions taken into account when future planning decisions are taken by Ripon City Council, Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

The development of the plan is being led by the Ripon City Plan committee comprising of representatives of the City Council and a number of other interested organisations and people from across the city. More details about the committee can be found here.

The development of the Ripon City Plan has been divided into phases. The enabling first phase was the designation of the Neighbourhood Area, and this has been followed by a phase of community consultation and engagement, which we called “How could Ripon be better for you?”

Based upon what you told us, following numerous meetings with experts to understand particular themes in more detail, we produced a preliminary draft Ripon City Plan and consulted about our proposals.

We are now collating and analysing the consultation responses and preparing a revised draft Ripon City Plan including all of the evidence required by the Neighbourhood Planning legislation and good practice guidance. As required, this Plan will contain all of the detailed policies that will enable our proposals to be delivered. We will be publishing this document and consulting with you about it later this year. This consultation is required by the Neighbourhood Planning legislation prior to formal submission of the Ripon City Plan to Harrogate Borough Council as the Local Planning Authority.

For further about the Ripon City Plan, the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the City, please contact the Ripon City Plan Committee via Ripon Town Hall, or telephone: (01765) 604097 or email: cityplan@riponcity.gov.uk

6 thoughts on “Home

    1. David,
      if you mean the timescale for producing the plan then we are currently expecting to be able to formally submit the plan to Harrogate Borough Council (as the local planning authority) in the Summer. Harrogate Borough Council will then carry out it’s necessary processes, including an independent examination of the plan, before committing to a date for a community referendum.

      If you mean the planning period which the City Plan will cover then then page 11 of this document (https://cityplanripon.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/drop-in_session_displays_webversion_07-12-13.pdf) says “Our aim is to draw up a plan for the city of Ripon that will provide a framework for its physical change into the 2020s – making Ripon a better place.”

      If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

  1. An easier way of filling in the online questionnaire would be nice. I can imagine that a lot of the older generation would have a lot to say, but may not be so technically savvy.

  2. The plant won’t meet the needs of next generation. Look at the average age of the people involved. It will be the same as normal, a business wants to come to ripon but it won’t meet your needs so it won’t be allowed (b&q). A trendy wine bar wants to open in Ripon but it won’t be allowed because you think it will automatically cause anti social behaviour. The ultimate problem is that your all of a certain age and out of touch!!! The old auction site should be knocked down and houses built, it is unused!!! Parking should be free, Town is dead during the day. You say there is a lot of land that can’t be built on, cause of rivers, I’d say that isn’t your choice and it should be the decision of businesses/ housing developers to make that decision!!!

    1. Thank you for your comments. I’d like to clarify a number of points raised.

      The City Plan is being developed by a group of willing volunteers, without whom, this plan would not have got as far as it has. The team have tried to make the consultation as inclusive as possible and have previously discussed with young people, how they would like to see the City Develop. This is one of the factors behind the proposals for the Bondgate Green Regeneration Area proposal and feedback from young people wanting live / work space within the City.

      At the moment there isn’t a Neighbourhood Plan so all decisions in relation to planning matters are made by Harrogate Borough Council in accordance with their Local Plan. Ultimately any planning application will be considered on its merits and a decision given by Harrogate Borough Council. It is however, then up to the applicant, be it an individual or a business, to decide whether it wishes to go ahead with its proposal. For clarity, anti-social behaviour is not a planning consideration but would be part of the licensing application process.

      There are some considerations that the City Plan should have. Obviously the Auction Mart site was subject to a planning application that was rejected by Harrogate Borough Council. The City Plan team believe that some development is possible at the front of the site but that the rear should become public open space and this is part of our preliminary draft proposals.

      The cost of car parking is also not a planning matter and therefore cannot be considered by the Ripon City Plan. The car parking fees are set by Harrogate Borough Council.

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